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Istanbul Kultur University

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Istanbul Kultur University

651 Students We Registered

undergraduate / postgraduate

A university prioritizes reason over emotions in a setting of philosophical discussions and provides the students with an environment where they raise their awareness through observation and discussion in pursuit of the truth.

The truth that we pursue is the only authority which can take a stand against prejudices, taboos, dogmas and arbitrary impunities, and which can overcome the despair of the humanity, environment or society in the face of problems and therefore relieve their pain.

This pursuit does not come easy and we know that; however, we also know that it’s not impossible.

As an institution that prioritizes entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity, and creates global and local added value; Istanbul Kültür University always strives to be better in education and research with an understanding that has been built with Kültür Educational Institutions’ 57 years of experience in education.

As we also hold cultural improvement dear in addition to education and research; we work together for social responsibility through civilized discussions without alienating, marginalizing, and compromising the principles of freedom of mind and respect for labor.


  • Foreign Language Education (English Teaching)      English
  • Elementary Education     Turkish
  • Educational Sciences     Turkish
  • English Language and Literature     English
  • Mathematics and Computer Science     Turkish
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics Economics     Turkish
  • Psychology     Turkish
  • Turkish Language and Literature    Turkish
  • Law   Turkish
  • Entrepreneurship   Turkish
  • Economics    Turkish
  • Business Administration   Turkish
  • Business Administration    English
  • International Relations    English
  • International Trade   English
  • International Trade    Turkish
  • Architecture     Turkish
  • Architecture   English
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    Turkish
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    English
  • Computer Engineering    English
  • Electric and Electronic Engineering    English
  • Industrial Engineering    English
  • Civil Engineering   English
  • Civil Engineering    Turkish
  • Cartoon and Animation    Turkish
  • Communication Design   Turkish
  • Communication Arts   Turkish
  • Art Management   Turkish
  • Cinema and Television   Turkish
  • New Media and Communication Systems   Turkish
  • Nutrition and Dietetics    Turkish
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation   Turkish



  • Computer Engineering   (With Thesis)        Turkish
  • Mathematics and Computer Science   (With Thesis)     Turkish
  • Physics  (With Thesis)         Turkish
  • Interior Architecture  (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Environmental Design   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Geomatics     (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Geotechnical Engineering   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Project Management   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Structure Engineering   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Structure Engineering   (With Thesis)       English
  • Engineering Management   (With Thesis)          English
  • Architecture   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Architectural Design     (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Construction Management and Technology   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • City Planning   (With Thesis)       Turkish      
  • Architecture History and Restoration   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics     (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Educational Administration and Planning    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Public Law   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Private Law   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • European Human Rights   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Management Economics   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Money and Capital Markets   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Communication Arts   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Communication Design    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • English Language and Literature    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Quality and Production Management     (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • e-MBA    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Business Administration   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Art Management   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Stage Directing   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Film and Television   (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • Turkish Language and Literature    (With Thesis)       Turkish
  • International Relations   (With Thesis)       English
  • Computer Engineering    (NON Thesis)     Turkish
  • Geomatics     (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Geotechnical Engineering   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Project Management   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Real Estate Development   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Structure Engineering   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Architectural Design     (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Architectural Engineering    (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Educational Administration and Planning     (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Public Law   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Private Law   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Management Economics    (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Money and Capital Markets    (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Production Economy      (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Occupational Health and Safety    (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Quality and Production Management     (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • Business Administration   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • e-MBA   (NON Thesis)       Turkish
  • International Relations    (NON Thesis)       English
  • e-Logistics   (NON Thesis)       Turkish





  • Geomatics          Turkish
  • Geotechnical Engineering       Turkish
  • Project Management       Turkish
  • Structure Engineering
  • Mathematics       Turkish
  • Architecture       Turkish
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics       Turkish
  • Public Law       Turkish
  • Private Law       Turkish
  • Business Administration       Turkish
  • Turkish Language and Literature       Turkish


  • Justice Foreign Trade (İÖ)   Turkish
  • Banking and Insurance   Turkish
  • Banking and Insurance (İÖ)   Turkish
  • Foreign Trade   Turkish
  • Foreign Trade (İÖ)   Turkish
  • Graphic Design   Turkish
  • Public Relations and Publicity   Turkish
  • Aviation Logistics   Turkish
  • Business Management   Turkish
  • Logistics   Turkish
  • Fashion Design   Turkish
  • Fashion Design (İÖ)   Turkish
  • Health Care Management   Turkish
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Services      Turkish
  • Civil Air Transportation Management     Turkish
  • Tourism and Hotel Management      Turkish
  • Computer Programming     Turkish
  • Radio and Television Technology     Turkish
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration     Turkish
  • Child Development     Turkish
  • Aircraft Technology     Turkish
  • Opticianry     Turkish
  • Construction Technology     Turkish


Undergraduate Educational Fees:  4 Years


Foreign Language Education (English Teaching)      English    4.830$ / Year

Elementary Education     Turkish       4.130$ / Year   

Educational Sciences     Turkish        4.130$ / Year   

English Language and Literature     English   4.830$ / Year

Mathematics and Computer Science     Turkish    4.130$ / Year   

Molecular Biology and Genetics Economics     Turkish     4.130$ / Year   

Psychology     Turkish    4.130$ / Year  

Turkish Language and Literature    Turkish     4.130$ / Year   

Law   Turkish    6.720$ / Year  

Entrepreneurship   Turkish      4.130$ / Year   

Economics    Turkish      4.130$ / Year   

Business Administration   Turkish        4.130$ / Year   

Business Administration    English         4.830$ / Year   

International Relations    English         4.830$ / Year   

International Trade   English        4.830$ / Year   

International Trade    Turkish         4.130$ / Year   

Architecture     Turkish               6.720$ / Year   

Architecture   English                6.720$ / Year   

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    Turkish          4.130$ / Year   

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    English           4.830$ / Year   

Computer Engineering    English            4.830$ / Year   

Electric and Electronic Engineering    English      4.830$ / Year   

Industrial Engineering    English             4.830$ / Year   

Civil Engineering   English         4.830$ / Year   

Civil Engineering    Turkish        4.130$ / Year   

Cartoon and Animation    Turkish      4.130$ / Year   

Communication Design   Turkish            4.130$ / Year   

Communication Arts   Turkish   4.130$ / Year   

Art Management   Turkish         4.130$ / Year   

Cinema and Television   Turkish       4.130$ / Year   

New Media and Communication Systems   Turkish         4.130$ / Year   

Nutrition and Dietetics    Turkish        4.130$ / Year   

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation   Turkish        4.130$ / Year   


Graduate Educational Fees:  

Master With No Thesis:  1 Year

Computer Engineering   (NON Thesis)     Turkish       8.600 TL / Total

Geomatics    (NON Thesis)       Turkish          8.600 TL / Total

Geotechnical Engineering   (NON Thesis)       Turkish    8.600 TL / Total

Project Management  (NON Thesis)       Turkish        8.600 TL / Total

Real Estate Development   (NON Thesis)       Turkish  8.600 TL / Total

Structure Engineering  (NON Thesis)       Turkish       8.600 TL / Total

Architectural Design     (NON Thesis)       Turkish       8.600 TL / Total

Architectural Engineering    (NON Thesis)       Turkish  8.600 TL / Total

Educational Administration and Planning     (NON Thesis)       Turkish   7.500 TL / Total

Public Law  (NON Thesis)       Turkish           14.025 TL / Total

Private Law  (NON Thesis)       Turkish          14.025 TL / Total

Management Economics   (NON Thesis)       Turkish  8.600 TL / Total

Money and Capital Markets    (NON Thesis)       Turkish         8.600 TL / Total

Production Economy     (NON Thesis)       Turkish      8.600 TL / Total

Occupational Health and Safety    (NON Thesis)       Turkish   8.600 TL / Total

Quality and Production Management     (NON Thesis)       Turkish      14.025 TL / Total

Business Administration   (NON Thesis)       Turkish     14.025 TL / Total

e-MBA   (NON Thesis)       Turkish         11.500 TL / Total

International Relations    (NON Thesis)       English        8.600 TL / Total-

e-Logistics  (NON Thesis)       Turkish         11.500 TL / Total


Master With Thesis:  2 Years 


Computer Engineering  (With Thesis)        Turkish         10.700 TL / Total

Mathematics and Computer Science   (With Thesis)     Turkish    10.700 TL / Total

Physics  (With Thesis)         Turkish     10.700 TL / Total

Interior Architecture (With Thesis)       Turkish         10.700 TL / Total           

Environmental Design  (With Thesis)       Turkish      10.700 TL / Total

Geomatics    (With Thesis)       Turkish         10.700 TL / Total

Geotechnical Engineering   (With Thesis)       Turkish10.700 TL / Total

Project Management  (With Thesis)       Turkish       10.700 TL / Total

Structure Engineering  (With Thesis)       Turkish      10.700 TL / Total

Structure Engineering  (With Thesis)       English      10.700 TL / Total

Engineering Management   (With Thesis)          English          10.700 TL / Total

Architecture  (With Thesis)       Turkish        10.700 TL / Total

Architectural Design     (With Thesis)       Turkish       10.700 TL / Total

Construction Management and Technology   (With Thesis)       Turkish          10.700 TL / Total

City Planning  (With Thesis)       Turkish         10.700 TL / Total

Architecture History and Restoration   (With Thesis)       Turkish        10.700 TL / Total

Molecular Biology and Genetics     (With Thesis)       Turkish 10.700 TL / Total

Educational Administration and Planning    (With Thesis)       Turkish    9.400 TL / Total

Public Law  (With Thesis)       Turkish           17.625 TL / Total

Private Law  (With Thesis)       Turkish          17.625 TL / Total

European Human Rights  (With Thesis)       Turkish     17.625 TL / Total

Management Economics  (With Thesis)       Turkish     10.700 TL / Total

Money and Capital Markets   (With Thesis)       Turkish    10.700 TL / Total

Communication Arts  (With Thesis)       Turkish      10.700 TL / Total

Communication Design   (With Thesis)       Turkish   10.700 TL / Total

English Language and Literature    (With Thesis)       Turkish  10.700 TL / Total

Quality and Production Management     (With Thesis)       Turkish     17.625 TL / Total

e-MBA    (With Thesis)       Turkish      11.500 TL / Total

Business Administration   (With Thesis)       Turkish     17.625 TL / Total

Industrial and Organizational Psychology    (With Thesis)       Turkish      10.700 TL / Total     

Art Management  (With Thesis)       Turkish      10.700 TL / Total

Stage Directing  (With Thesis)       Turkish     10.700 TL / Total

Film and Television  (With Thesis)       Turkish    10.700 TL / Total

Turkish Language and Literature    (With Thesis)       Turkish    10.700 TL / Total

International Relations   (With Thesis)       English    10.700 TL / Total

PHD programs:

Geomatics          Turkish             16.500 TL / Total

Geotechnical Engineering       Turkish        16.500 TL / Total

Project Management       Turkish           16.500 TL / Total

Structure Engineering     Turkish             16.500 TL / Total

Mathematics       Turkish        16.500 TL / Total

Architecture       Turkish         16.500 TL / Total

Molecular Biology and Genetics       Turkish        16.500 TL / Total

Public Law       Turkish       24.750 TL / Total

Private Law       Turkish      24.750 TL / Total

Business Administration       Turkish      24.750 TL / Total

Turkish Language and Literature       Turkish      24.750 TL / Total

Associate Educational Fees:  2 Years

All Programs 2.550$ / Year         



English Preparation school for Undergraduate programs: 1 Year       same undergraduate fees

English Preparation school for Graduate programs: 1 Year

English Preparation school for Associate Programs: 1 Year        same Associate fees

Let us inform you about everything important directly.