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Istanbul Altinbas University

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Istanbul Altinbas University

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undergraduate / postgraduate


Altınbaş University is admitting students to its 9 schools and 29 programs in the Fall Semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, with the aim of becoming one of the most comprehensive and prestigious educational institutions of Turkey. The University was established by Mehmet Altinbas Education and Culture Foundation in 2008 and accepted its first students in the academic year 2011-2012. With its exceptional academic staff and visionary institutional values, Altınbaş University is dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge to fulfill its mission of adding value to the society.

Altınbaş University, in line with the international education standards, rapidly reflects the advancements in technology on all facets of the academic life it offers. With its dynamic, innovative and research-oriented faculty, Altınbaş University aims to educate the brilliant young generation of the new century to become self-confident, open-minded, and technologically capable adults of the global information and technology society. Altınbaş University is awaiting students who will create new pathways into the dynamic future of the world.

  • Medicine   English
  • Dentistry   Turkish/partially English
  • Pharmacy   English
  • Business Administration    English
  • Economics    English
  • International Logistics Management    English
  • International Relations    English
  • International Trade    English
  • Political Science and Public Administration    English
  • Psychology    English
  • Sociology    English
  • Social Services   Turkish
  • Architecture       English
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    English
  • Civil Engineering    English
  • Computer Engineering    English
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering    English
  • Industrial Engineering English and/or Turkish
  • Mechanical Engineering   English
  • Law    Turkish/partially English
  • Turkish – German Law (IKBU - University of Cologne)  Turkish/German
  • Fashion and Textile Design    Turkish
  • Graphic Design     Turkish
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design     Turkish
  • Jewelry Design     Turkish
  • Cinema and Television     Turkish
  • Gastronomy    Turkish
  • Management Information Systems   Turkish
  • Health Care Management   Turkish

MASTER  (with\without Thesis)  1 or 2 years

  • Business Administration (MBA)    English and/or Turkish
  • Strategic Marketing and Brand Management   Turkish
  • International Trade Law Turkish
  • Public Law  Master Turkish
  • Political Science and International Relations   Turkish and/or English
  • Arts and Design   Turkish
  • Information Technologies     English
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering    English
  • Industrial Engineering    English
  • Mechanical Engineering   English
  • Orthodontics  English       3 years
  • Periodontology  Turkish       3 years

PHD   4 years

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering        PhD  English
  • Private Law  PhD  Turkish
  • Business Administration  PhD  Turkish
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences     PhD   Turkish
  • Orthodontics PhD   Turkish
  • International Relations Joint Degree PhD   Master/PhD  English  4 years


  • Justice   Turkish
  • Computer Programming   Turkish
  • Child Development   Turkish
  • Foreign Trade   Turkish
  • Graphic Design   Turkish
  • Occupational Health and Safety   Turkish
  • Business Administration   Turkish
  • Jewelry and Jewelry Design   Turkish
  • Health Services Management   Turkish
  • Social Service   Turkish
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Service   Turkish
  • Culinary   Turkish
  • Computer Programming   Turkish
  • Child Protection and Care Services    Turkish
  • Visual Communication   Turkish
  • Law Firm Management and Legal Secretarial   Turkish
  • Finance   Turkish
  • Civil Aviation Management   Turkish
  • Flight Operation Management   Turkish
  • Oral and Dental Health   Turkish
  • Operating Room Services   Turkish
  • First Aid   Turkish
  • Audiometry   Turkish
  • Anesthesia   Turkish
  • Opticianry   Turkish
  • Radiotherapy   Turkish
  • Medical Imaging Techniques   Turkish
  • Physiotherapy   Turkish
  • Hair Care and Beauty Salon Services   Turkish
  • Electrophysiology   Turkish
  • Medical Documentation and Secretarial   Turkish
  • Medical Laboratory Techniques   Turkish

Undergraduate Educational Fees:  4 Years


Medicine   English     25.000$ / Year

Dentistry   English and Turkish     20.000$ / Year

Pharmacy   English   15.000$ / Year

Business Administration    English     4.250$ / Year

Economics    English   3.500$ / Year

International Logistics Management   English    3.500$ / Year

International Relations    English    3.500$ / Year

International Trade    English    4.250$ / Year

Political Science and Public Administration    English   3.500$ / Year

Psychology    English   4.250$ / Year

Sociology    English   3.500$ / Year

Social Services   Turkish   4.250$ / Year

Architecture       English   4.250$ / Year

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design    English    4.250$ / Year    

Civil Engineering    English   4.250$ / Year          

Computer Engineering    English   4.250$ / Year  

Electrical and Electronics Engineering   English    4.250$ / Year    

Industrial Engineering English   3.500$ / Year 

Industrial Engineering    Turkish     3.500$ / Year 

Mechanical Engineering   English 4.250$ / Year

Law    Turkish/partially English   4.250$ / Year

Fashion and Textile Design   Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Graphic Design     Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design     Turkish    4.250$ / Year    

Jewelry Design     Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Cinema and Television     Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Gastronomy    Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Management Information Systems  Turkish    3.500$ / Year  

Health Care Management   Turkish    3.500$ / Year  


Graduate Educational Fees:  


All programs  4500$ / Total

Orthodontics  English     20.000$ / Year

Periodontology  Turkish    20.000$ / Year


PHD programs:

All PHD Programs 10000 $ / Total

Associate Educational Fees:  2 Years

All Programs 2.125$ / Year



English Preparation school for Undergraduate programs: 1 Year   same undergraduate fees

English Preparation school for Graduate programs: 1 Year

English Preparation school for Associate Programs: 1 Year


  • Transportation
  • Transportation


    Assel Tour, The Paid Shuttle Services:


    Assel Tour Shuttle - Mahmutbey Metro

    Assel Tour Shuttle - Bakirkoy

    Assel Tour Shuttle - Yenibosna

    Assel Tour Shuttle - Beşiktaş

    Assel Tour Shuttle - Myo


    To benefit from this Shuttle Service, kindly provide your Çilek Card from Çilek Tour Service Point which is located at D Block Entrance Floor.Public Bus (IETT)

    • 97E  Altınbaş University Güneşli - Marmaray IETT bus line stops at Mahmutbey campus every 20 minutes.
    • 141M  Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital - Mecidiyeköy bus line stops at Mahmutbey campus every 30 minutes.
    • 98M ISTOÇ - Bakırköy IETT bus line stops at Mahmutbey campus.

    Tram: Trams departing from Kabataş arrive at Bağcılar via the route Karaköy – Eminönü – Sirkeci – Sultanahmet – Aksaray – Topkapı, and one may take a taxi or minibus from the end of line to reach the university campus.

    Metrobus: From the Asian side one may take the Metrobus from Söğütlüçeşme, and from the European side from Zincirlikuyu and Avcılar to reach the Yenibosna metrobus stop, and one may take a minibus or bus from Yenibosna towards ISTOÇ direction to reach the university campus.

    Marmaray: From the Asian side one may take Marmaray metro to reach Kazlıçeşme, and from there the IETT bus 97E to reach the university

    Minibus Lines:
    Minibuses on minibus lines below stop at the university campus every 5 minutes. These lines are:

    Şirinevler-Giyimkent (Şirinevler, Yenibosna, Beşyol, Radar, Bağlar Mah, Güneşli, Evren Mah, 212 AVM, Üniversite, Çetaş, Fatih Mah, Yavuz, Yüzyıl Köprüsü, Oto Center, Tekstilkent, Giyimkent)

    Bakırköy Adliyesi-İstoç (Bakırköy Adliyesi, Bahçelievler Mah.(Ömür Plaza), Haznedar, Çamlıkahve, Parseller, Bağcılar Meydan, Papaz Köprüsü, Güneşli Meydan, Evren, 212 AVM, Üniversite, İstoç)

    Bağcılar Devlet Hastanesi-İstoç (Bağcılar Devlet Hastanesi, Bağcılar Meydan, Papaz Köprüsü, Güneşli, Evren Mahallesi, 212 AVM, Üniversite, İstoç)

    Şirinevler-İstoç (Şirinevler, Yenibosna, Beşyol, Radar, Güneşli Meydan, Hürriyet, 212 AVM, Üniversite, İstoç)

    Bakırköy Meydan-Hacıbostan (Bakırköy Meydan, İncirli Caddesi, E-5, Şirinevler, Mahmutbey Caddesi, Kocasinan Merkez, Bağcılar Belediyesi, Güneşli Meydan, Evren Mahallesi, 212 AVM, Üniversite, Hacıbostan)

    Transportation by Car:
    University is almost 400 metres away from the TEM Highway. While coming from Ankara direction, you will take the right side by the traffic sign directing to Güneşli and follow the traffic signs directing towards İSTOÇ and University. While coming from Edirne direction, you have to take the right side from traffic signs directing towards Mahmutbey after passing through Mahmutbey pay tolls. The University’s Mahmutbey Campus is on the south of the road.


    IETT Bus Lines: 
    122H S. Gökçen Havalimanı-Yenişehir-4. Levent Metro
    122M Ş. Şahinbey-Mecidiyeköy
    251 Pendik-Şişli
    252 Kartal-Şişli
    25G Sarıyer-Hacıosman-Mecidiyeköy-Taksim
    27T Şirintepe-Şişli
    29Ş İstinye Dereiçi-Şişli
    41S Seyrantepe-Şişli
    48B Arıcılar-Hamidiye Mah-Şişli
    48H Hamidiye Mahallesi-Şişli
    48S Sadabat Evleri-Şişli
    49 Yunusemre Mahallesi-Şişli
    49A Akşemsettin-Şişli
    49B İmar Blokları-Şişli
    49G Yunus Emre Mahallesi-Şişli
    49GB Yunus Emre Mahallesi-Baraj Yolu-Şişli
    49K Karadolap Mahallesi-Binevler-Şişli
    49M Kazım Karabekir Mahallesi-Şişli
    49Y Yeşilpınar-Şişli
    54HŞ Hasköy-Şişli-Taksim
    55 Gaziosmanpaşa-Şişli
    59A İstinye Dereiçi-Şişli
    59B Levent Basın Sitesi- Şişli
    59H Hareket Sitesi-Şişli
    59K Fatih Sultan Karayolları-Şişli
    59N Fatih Sultan Mehmet-Şişli
    59R Rumeli Hisarüstü-Şişli
    59S Levazım Mahallesi-Şişli
    59UÇ Uçaksavar-Şişli
    64Ç Kağıthane-Çeliktepe-Şişli
    65G Gültepe-Şişli
    66Z Zincirlidere-Şişli 

    Metro Lines:

    • Atatürk Airport –Aksaray: You may take metro from Atatürk Airport to Merter station. From there, you may transfer to metrobus and take off at Şişli-Mecidiyeköy station.
    • Hacıosman-Yenikapı:  You may use Hacıosman-Yenikapı metro line and take off at Şişli-Mecidiyeköy station to reach Şişli Campus.

    Metrobus Lines: From the Asian side one may take the metrobus from Söğütlüçeşme and from the European side from Zincirlikuyu and Avcılar to reach the Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop.

    It will take 15 minutes by walk from Mecidiyeköy metro and metrobus station to Şişli Campus.



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