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Personal pihoto, passport copy, high school ( diploma ) transcript
Personal photo, passport copy, bachelor transcript, high school ( diploma ), toefl.
- Personal photo, passport copy, bachelor transcript, master transcript, toefl, personal CV, 2 recommendation letters signed by 2 professors, motivation letter,
Personal photo, passport copy, high school ( diploma ) transcript
Just access our website ( ) and fill the application form and upload the required documents
Students can access there account on out website and follow up the registration status, leave a comment or ask any question
Just wait for an email or access the account on our website for any further info
For the bachelor degree the minimum score is 50%, and for the master degree the minimum score is 2.0
Students who want to study in Turkish they must register for a foundation year to learn the Turkish language first
First upload the transcript of all subjects you finished in your former university plus detailed document explaining the curriculum of each subject. Subjects with grade greater than C which is 70% are accepted, and only 50% of the years of bachelor degree will be accepted so only 2 years of the whole 4 years of the bachelor degree will be accepted even if you finished 3 years. You can adjust your subjects after you apply and receive the final acceptance
SAT or YOS certificates are not mandatory in private universities but if it happens for a student to have one of them it’s good.
Yes the holders of the KIMLIK can register at private universities in Turkey.
After the student receives the conditional acceptance, 1000 $ should be put in the university’s bank account in order to get the final acceptance. Then after the the student receives the final acceptance half of the annual fees should be paid minus the 1000 $ paid in advance, then before the second semester the student should also pay the rest of the fees.
Yes it’s available, dormtories for boys only and girls only no mixed dormtories
You can enter Turkey with a tourism visa then apply for student residence visa after you receive the final acceptance with the support of the university
Students will enter the English placement exam of the university if they pass they will start right away, but if they did not pass they will start a foundation year in English
The next step is to pay 1000$ for the university in order to get the final acceptance
Yes you have to bring a document which approves the the rejection of the visa to the university
You can. Adjust in the Turkish embassy in your home country or when you come to Turkey you can by going to ministry in Sultan Ahmet station in Istanbul
Yes it’s available, you can manage that with the university to prevent making any conflict between two subjects
It’s possible after the first year if your cumulative gap is high and if you are from the top 3 students
GPA is evaluated per semester but CGPA is evaluated to your whole education in the university
It’s an exam made by the university in order to evaluate the English level of the student. It takes place in the university.
They available everywhere in Turkey, once you go to a center they will help you regarding the registration process
Either you can find out the approved universities on our website or on the the higher ministry of education website
The GRE exam is like the SAT exam but made especially for Masters and PHD degrees. You can apply for it through ETS.GRE
There is no diffirence but the student visa gives you a discount on the public transportation and other services
No and if you found a job you will be working illegally
Accreditation is when your certificate will be approved in your home country without any adjustment, but for the recognition you you have to adjust your certificate in order to work in your home country
Yes for sure most of the activities are available
You can by getting a student certificate which approves that you are a student in some university then you register in the IETT office.
Immediately after you arrive to Turkey you go to the university’s main campus and give them the official documents to finish the registration process and pay the rest of the fees, then the university will help you to finish the residence permit.
All of the universities affiliated to the higher ministry of education (YOK) are recognised all over the world within the Turkish agreement of the higher education from the website of the higher education in your home country.

Let us inform you about everything important directly.